Destination: Java (Part II)

 If you haven’t read the first part, see Destination: Java, Indonesia.

Day 3 – Borobudur, Magelang, Yogyakarta

0300 – My tour transport guy came to fetch me from the hostel. I woke up ready for the day with chocolate bars and water that I bought in preparation for the adventure. We had to pass by another hotel to fetch the other two people who was booked with me last night. It was a good one-hour trip to Magelang. The Indonesian couple were very friendly. They went to see the sunrise in a hotel somewhere in the west. I went to the east side of the temple.

Sunrise in Borobudur

It’s great to see people from all over the globe trying to witness a phenomenon that happens every single day (sunrise) but in Borobudur, Indonesia. The temple has four sides and is sort of Pyramidic surrounded with “stupa(s)” and Buddha statues. After the sunrise, I went around the temple and managed to create a timelapse video that looks like a real life Temple Run game.

Me Trying to Take a Selfie
Masami (Japan)
Me with the Stupa(s)
More Selfies
The Walls Telling Stories of the Hindu Gods
East Side of the Temple
Sunrise in Borobudur is the best event in my entire existence.  I have never appreciated the beauty of the rising sun more than my experience in a very beautiful historical monument. I’ve only heard this place in my History class when I was young and it’s an amazing realization that I’m actually visiting it. On my way back to the car, I bought a nice stone Stupa and a head of a Buddha.
Our trip back to Yogyakarta took the same duration as to going to Borobudur in Magelang. I think I drifted while on our way. The driver was just supposed to take me to my hostel since he’s running late for another schedule. To avoid complex English conversation, he took me to Malioboro anyway.
I looked for some goodies to bring back home in Jalan Malioboro Market. I also had to withdraw some money so I can survive the next few days on my journey to Surabaya.

Back in the hostel, I met two cool people from Tahiti and Germany. Too bad I have to leave for Surabaya. Just had a few chit chat and bye bye for Mr Dom. It’s time to fly to Surabaya.

Johannes and My Twin

Adios wonderful land of Jogja!


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