Destination: Java (Part III)

Day 4 – Surabaya – Bromo

Bromo National Park
The downside of having a short holiday trip is that the pace of each journey is fast. I didn’t have much time absorbing the experience in Borobudur and there’s so much to take. I’ve always been a moving traveler and no lazy day since every minute of the holiday away from work counts.
My flight to Surabaya from Yogya is only one hour. I had to call the hostel reservation first so they’ll expect me to arrive anytime soon. The taxi booking Surabaya is also organized. You know it’s not a rip off since you pay to the booking agent in the airport based on their system price estimator.
The hostel is unbelievably barren and the “reception” girl is grumpy. She must have had a bad day. There are no other travelers to talk to so I decide to sleep. Early next day is my trip to Gunung Bromo 1-2 hours away from Surabaya proper.  The hostel lady booked my accommodation near the Bromo National Park for cheap and everything is included in the package.

During my land transportation I met two young french girls. There’s also a group of cool chinese girls but they’re staying in a different hostel. The night was very misty I could see little clouds forming on my face when I breathe. The french girls were planning their next travel destination while I savour the beer after dinner. After a few beers came an early night for us as we are having an early morning the next day.

Day 5 – Bromo National Park

My alarm went off at 2:30 and I immediately changed clothes, forget the shower since I feel that the water would be as hard as ice. But that’s just me and my imagination. The Sunrise part of the tour was a total fail. The entire area was covered with fog so we were not able to witness another epic sunrise. I met two new friends from Denmark and they’re quite a friendly duo. Jonas also lent me his thick jacket since my attempt to protect myself from the cold is also a fail.

The Hike

There’s a few meters of walk before the 200-flight stairs to the viewing point. I should have bought some chocolates for energy boost before the hike. It’s not too bad though since the walking distance isn’t too far.

It took over an hour to walk around the majestic Bromo mountain. The smell of sulfur is like boiling rotten eggs and is quite suffocating if you really have a full blow of the stench cloud coming out of the volcano.

On my way back to the Yoschi Hotel the scenery was amazing. It’s a gloomy day and I have to travel back to Surabaya to catch my flight to Singapore.  Before that, breakfast is the priority to start the day.


Side Trip: Singapore

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