Side Trip: Singapore

When I booked my tickets to Indonesia, I was happy to have a long layover in Singapore on my way back from Surabaya. The first time I went is just a 1-hour episode of running and trying to catch the next airplane miles away from my arrival gate. Anyway, I nearly had to book another flight from Surabaya to Singapore because I thought I already missed my flight. Good thing is that the flight was delayed for hours and fate was on my favor.

I arrived exactly 2100h and Louis is already waiting for me at the airport. My highschool classmate Dhayan is also waiting at the Makansutra Gluttons Bay and the three of us are very hungry.

A Taste of Singapore
Selfie with Dhayan and Louis
The Backpacker
Marina Bay Sands at the Back

I had to stay at the airport for a couple of more hours before my flight back to Manila. Energy is starting to drain since my last few days have been more active than a toddler fed with 7 cups of coffee. Singapore is kinda chill in a way and it lacks the thrill of the exotic countries I’ve visited prior. I couldn’t feel the sense of adventure and everything is expensive too.

The airport security is a little bit scary. I’ve heard stories of people being planted with illegal drugs and eventually get executed in the country. My backpack contains some carved stones from Borobudur and fridge magnets which delayed my entrance to the airport. I was trembling when the security lady told me to open my backpack to check the suspicious items in it. She smiled when she saw it was just harmless objects from my trip.

Back to reality, back to Manila, back to work as well. My Indonesia adventure will remain a good memory and a good story to tell. It was a fast paced adventure. I couldn’t believe that I still had the energy of a youngster that I was able to do many things in such a short trip.

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