Visa for Philippine Passport Holders: Australia

Australian Visa Application

Philippine passport holders can apply for Visa online via website. This article will guide you on how to apply for a Visa subclass 600 tourist stream.
Disclaimer: I am not a migration agent nor do I represent any agency that provide visa processing services. This post is based on my experience and visa processing depends on your intention and circumstance. This is my first Visa application to enter an OECD country but I have traveled a number of times to Visa-free countries granted by the power of my Philippine passport.
Here are the things to consider when applying for an Australian Visa (or any Visa in general):
  • Research, Read, Be Resourceful – You need to have the right and updated information about the rules of the immigration office. So better use the internet to obtain the proper knowledge to enter the country. As a tourist, you need to know the places you are visiting and and all other information specific for your case.
  • Be Honest – Do not submit any falsified documents. You will be questioned and it will lead to bad things and worse, you could be banned from the country.
  • Travel to Visa-Free Countries Prior – If you have a blank passport and you have never been to another country, chances are high you will be denied.  Being a frequent traveler has its perks but it is not an assurance. Providing proof that you return to your home country (Philippines) will increase your chances of getting approved.
  • Gather More Than Enough Funds – Australia is an expensive country. If you’re staying with a friend or family, you can save a lot of $$ and spend it on other things.

Gather Your Documents

Knowing the purpose of your trip and the details of your trip will help you gather the required documents for your Visa application. As a tourist, you will need to know the hotels you’re staying in and your tour information. If you are an employee, you will need proof that you have approved leaves and you have the right to come back to work after your holidays. Strong evidence that you are coming back to your home country is the key to having a high chance of getting approved.

The following are the documents I attached in my application:

– Cover Letter (Optional)
– Travel Itinerary
– Credit Card Statement
– Personal Bank Certificate
– Certificate of Employment
– Approved Annual Leave Certification
– Tenancy Statement of Account
– Invitation Letter from a Friend (Optional)
– Travel Insurance
– Passport with Proof of Travels
– Certificate of Live Birth
– Latest Photograph
All of the above attachments are in PDF format except the photograph which is in JPG.

Applying for the Visa

Step 1:
Create you IMMI account via

Step 2:
Start a new application.

NOTE:  You can save your application and go back whenever you log back in to your account.  Ensure that your entries are as truthful as possible.

Step 3:
After filling out your application, review your entries thoroughly before submitting.

Step 4:
Pay the Application Fee.

Step 5:
Attach your documents.

The Waiting Game

Normal processing time for a “high-risk” country like the Philippines is one month. An email notification will be sent to the registered correspondence when there’s changes in the status of your application. The pain of waiting can be too much so just be patient. Depending on the number of applications they have, processing times may vary.

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