Destination: Sydney

The original plan to spend my holidays in the East coast of Australia has been changed because the embassy decided to deny my tourist visa due to my profile as a yuppy single dude with no strong ties to the home country. Bottomline is, I obtained a tourist Visa for New Zealand instead and applied for an Australian transit visa which allows me to stay in Oz for a maximum of three days each entry.
I did my research and have been warned by several friends that it will be very cold as it is winter in Oz and NZ. As a tropical person who hasn’t experienced temperature less than 10°, I had to learn the art of layering and have to pack the required clothes for winter. The best decision I made was to buy water resistant shoes solely dedicated for this trip.

First Transit

Australia is very strict when it comes to Bio Security so I had to make sure I’m not carrying any food or water when I go through the Immigration and Customs check points. I also made sure I have the hard copy version of the flight itineraries and visa grant notice for backup. My interview through the immigration went smooth as they have electronic verification system and the only question asked was about my accommodation address and the immigration officer stamped my passport before I could even answer.

Since it’s a Saturday, my good friend picked me up from the airport and the first thing I needed was food. My friend took me to the weekend market in Kings Cross for breaky. Australia doesn’t have any signature food other than Fish and Chips which origated from England so we decided to have Bacon and Egg Rolls instead.

TIP: To avoid conversion fees, I preactivated my ATM card for International use before traveling and used ANZ ATM to withdraw cash.
The plan was to visit the Darling Harbour, Sydney Opera House, and walk around the streets of Sydney. The idea of being in a different country did not come up to me instantly. The clean, cool air was the main thing that made me realise I’m not in Manila anymore. Oh, I had to search for my head gear as well.
Checked Out Asian Goodies in Market City

So I was looking for a Russian fluffy hat (Ushanka) which protects my head and ears from the extreme cold during my winter travel. I found one in the Market City also known as the China Town in Sydney.

Seagulls are Everywhere

I’ve never seen so many Seagulls, Cockatoos, and other fowls in my life.

Koala Teddies

These teddies are so fluffy and cute, but they’re not cheap. So just feast your eyes on their fluffiness until you realise you don’t want them.

Circular Quay (Pronounced “Key”)

The wind is pretty cold although the sun is not covered in clouds. The best things in life are free and the fresh air without pollution is one of them.

Dahling Hahbah

It’s a proven fact that I can adjust my accent when I’m talking to someone with a different accent. Aussie accent is pretty easy since the tense, lax, and liaison of the words are similar to the British accent. (And oh, there are lots of Darlings in Sydney – Darling Harbour, Darlington, Darlinghurst).

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is the most remarkable structure in Australia. It’s packed with people everywhere but I still managed to crop them out of my pictures.

Take a Pic
Royal Botanic Gardens

Observing the sunset in the Royal Botanic Gardens is a spectacular experience. I got to see the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge fade into shadows backlit by the setting sun. I’m lovin’ this city!

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