Destination: New Zealand (Part II)


Christchurch to Dunedin

I’m getting used to the cold but at some point it just seems unbearable. Good thing my friend’s house has a fireplace and it’s the place where I feel warm and safe from the threat of the cold winter. I have contacted someone who could give us a lift to Dunedin and it took them til early arvo to pick us up.

We started our journey and I made sure I kept a conversation with the driver to keep him awake. Now back to the sheep and cow topic – I still haven’t seen one. My travelmate said he spotted a few but I might have missed it. We made a few stops along the way to grab a snack and/or take pictures.

IMG_4393 IMG_4395 IMG_4396


IMG_5537We arrived at exactly 8:00PM in The Octagon. I already booked the hostel in advance since during winter season, it is difficult to find accommodation due to the peak of winter tourists. The hostel was nice and clean. I had to wear four layers of clothing this time plus my fluffy hat to keep me warm. The secret was to keep my ears from getting cold and everything else will be fine. My next agenda was food, I have to eat dinner too. The fact that the body is constantly adapting to the cold temperature makes me extra hungry for protein packed meals – so we went to Subway in George St. at the centre of Octagon. We stayed in the park for sometime, took photos of the picturesque buildings, and I wondered how it would look like when the sun is up.


Otago Peninsula

Dunedin is amazing. It’s the Edinburgh of New Zealand with lots of fancy looking architectures. The people are nice as well. My travelmate and I went to the i-Site Visitor Centre to gather ideas on how to get to the Otago Peninsula. They also book InterCity Bus tours, so we also booked our ride from Dunedin to Queenstown for our next day’s journey.

The Harbour, Otago Peninsula

IMG_4443 IMG_4444The Otago Peninsula is stunning. We took a bus to the Harbour and enjoyed a windy stroll on the mountains. The cows and sheep are now visible. But my main problem was my ears – I forgot to wear my fluffy hat, so I suffered the consequences of having stuffy nose after. I’m a foodie while my travelmate doesn’t seem to get hungry a lot so I stayed in a restaurant while he took a detour to see the opposite side of the mountains in the peninsula. The public transport in NZ is effective and on time – but then we decided to try and take a hitch. A friendly Kiwi drove us back to the city proper while enjoying a nice conversation. The guy (James) is a banker and he’s also a photography enthusiast. He showed us a couple of photos he took on his way to Lake Tekapo and it looks like the snow is making the roads slippery. Well, let’s see that when I get there. We decided to get off near the Dunedin Train Station and check out the Cadbury World after.

Dunedin Train Station
Cadbury World

IMG_4463One of the places to visit in Dunedin is the Guinness World’s Steepest Street which is “the” Baldwin St. From the city centre, we took a bus and attempted to climb (not walk) on Baldwin St. It was a great challenge to climb up on the 19-degree slope of a street. It was fun and tiring – but guess what, I was able to go up and down the world’s steepest street.  After that, the hunt for the street arts that scattered all over Dunedin is on.

IMG_4423 IMG_4422 IMG_4521It’s a fun-filled day and we have another bus to catch for the next day to Queenstown. That night, we tried to look for our next accommodation online.  I even tried to ask for help from the receptionist of our current hostel just to see if they have connections in QT – but to no avail.  The hostel hunt was a pain, but my travelmate found a cabin for two which is double the price but we didn’t have any other options. We booked it anyway, since the next day will be another roadtrip from Dunedin to Queenstown, NZ.


Journey to Queenstown (New Zealand Part III)

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