About Me

The Earth is our home. There is too much wonders to see, too many languages to speak, too many food to try, too many historical remnants to discover, beaches to dive into, and people to rub elbows with. And the fact that everything changes, we can never have enough time to see, feel, and experience them all. Today is our chance to see the world as it is. What it was are the memoirs of the past. And what will it be in the future is for the next generations to unfold. This is our “now” to observe, to feel, and to experience.


Dom Otto Asís

A passionate musician, a thinker, a planner, an idealist,
a political critic, a traveler,
a tech geek, and many more.
There’s nothing in life that’s not interesting.

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  1. Elaine Mae Bete says:

    Let’s explore earth while we are still young. When we are old and weak we can look back to the memories of those places we’ve been. And that we won’t be living on what if’s…

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    1. dlasis says:

      When we are young, we see the world so big. But when we get older, we realize it’s a small world after all.


  2. Leslie says:

    I like the way how detailed you are in describing everything.It’s as if I’m there at the actual place.Thanks for your blog, it’s very helpful.


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